About Us

SEF Energy is a privately-funded holding company with a portfolio of U.S.-based oilfield service assets. We’re in the business of delivering returns through capital allocation, asset management and leadership. Our strong financial backing, conservative investment strategies and hands-on approach bring long-term growth and stability to our subsidiaries. Since inception, we’ve experienced rapid, nationwide growth and profitability despite the worst industry downturn in 30 years. In fact, we’ve grown from 70 employees to almost 1,000 in just three years and we continue to expand our portfolio.

SEF Energy was officially established in 2014, but our ties to the industry go back almost 40 years. We are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as are all our companies. We are proud to be a part of the Oklahoma energy landscape and contribute to our state’s economy. The Seven Eagle Feathers found in our state flag inspired what our company name is today and serves as a reminder of our heritage and responsibility to our stakeholders.

A Values-Based Approach

The enduring success of our companies relies on our leadership, the culture we drive and the strategic core value system we share. Our mission is to be the best at what we do. This requires collaborative, long-term relationships with our customers and a solid foundation for our employees to succeed.


We base our leadership style on the belief that we succeed together. The success of our companies, our customers, and our people is our number one priority. We drive a team-based culture though discipline, integrity, and selflessness.

Team-based Culture

We believe that culture determines success. By embracing a team-based environment, we’ve created a culture of collaboration, innovation, and trust. This foundation, combined with our core values, sets direction and serves as a platform for our employees to succeed.

Our Core Values

We embrace a value system that provides a roadmap for growth and longevity. All our companies operate on the same guidelines, so that together we can deliver superior returns and operational excellence to our customers.


Returns-driven – We will ensure that capital is deployed toward the highest return projects and exceeds our cost of capital

Accountable – We will collectively and individually hold ourselves accountable for our performance

Dynamic – We will be nimble in our processes and adjust rapidly but prudently to the changes in our industry

Integrity – We will be honest and forthright in our dealings with all stakeholders of the company

Commercial – We will have a commercial focus that permeates every decision and every aspect of our business

Austere – We will be rigorous and disciplined in our cost management

Leadership – We will all view ourselves as servant-leaders who place greater emphasis on the success of the company than individual recognition

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